These are the rules that you must follow. Infractions will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis, however you can get banned from the site and other Wikias as well.


General recommendations Edit

  • No defamation of any person or page on here! It is simple to revert to the other page and an automatic ban for everyone involved.
  • Ask BauerJ24 or the new admin: User:Davichito if you need anything!

Davichito recommends (unofficial guidelines) Edit

  • Please do not include content from Wikipedia. It is a lot of work to remove all the dead links, images and references from there, as these Wiki is much smaller. Moreover, it makes nonsense to many users here to read articles that can be found at Wikipedia. This is not an official position, just my recommendation, which you can follow if you want.
  • Try not to link to every concept. I have seen in some Wikipedia articles that the writers put brackets around any new concept. Even if the same word appears ten times! I recommend to use the brackets only the first time and please do it with articles you plan to write soon. If not, it is better to remove the link, as a lot of red links do not help the article. It makes it look as incomplete. Then, make sure to avoid red links and try to keep links at the minimum. It is better to leave them for the == See also == section.

Davichito 20:40, 31 March 2008 (UTC).


  • When you begin a page, put the name of the page in bold by using three apostrophe marks. '''Biology''' will look like Biology.
  • Use the full name in the page name, not an abbreviation.
  • Link pages using two [[Biology]] marks. Adenosine Triphosphate <--- This is what links look like.
  • Use == for headers on both sides. Use === to make a subsection of those. ==Biology==
  • Every article should have a logic structure. Most of them come with a definition of one paragraph, then the sections which can be History, some other content section and finally See also and External links, if any. Images should be at the top or wherever they are useful.
  • If you add an image, put it on the RIGHT side of the screen.
  • Use * for lists
  • Double space after each period.