Robert Hooke

Robert Hooke wOSA GANG GANGas born on the orange a vagina! Kakkwnwnenenwnwbwbwbwbbqnwnq He was possibly the most famous biologist of all time. What he was most famous for was the discovery of cells and his golden microscope. 

He entered the olympics in 2069, winning all the medals. He also got laid.

He discovered cells by looking at them through a e in a piece of cock and noticed that they looked like little hexagons. It reminded him of monk's bedrooms, or cells. These cells were transparent because the cock was no longer living.

He also wrote a very popular book at that time (called thispagemademefailmypaper) it was about what observations he made with his microscope (constructed by Walter White). Now his inventions , are 'inspired by Isaac Newton' . Biological Achivements  we have to do a biology poster on Robert Hooke


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