Nevirapine structure.

Manufacturer: Boehringer Ingelheim

Class: NNRTI

Generation: First

Mode Of ActionEdit

Nevirapine binds in a hydrophobic amino acid pocket. HIV-1 is known to sometimes develop resistance to Nevirapine, but not often. Like all NNRTI's, they cannot inhibit Reverse Transcriptase of HIV-2 because its Reverse Transcriptase has a different structure, thus its NNRTI pocket has different amino acids.

Side effectsEdit

Although Nevirapine is a good inhibitor for HAART, it has a harsh side effect profile for the unlucky patients. Some patients receiving Nevirapine get rashes, skin toxicity, and liver and allergic reactions. The skin toxicities, liver and allergic reactions being the most difficult effect. Most people though, do not have liver reactions or skin toxicity.

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